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Tony Senior)

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Welcome to Tom Wakefield's website. Tom Wakefield is a concert pianist and piano teacher based in the North of England who brings a fresh, creative approach to concerts and teaching. Please click on the Concerts or Teaching tabs above to read more about Tom's work in these fields, or go to Recordings if you're interested in buying a CD.


As a performer Tom enjoys collaborating with concert organizers to create programmes with special appeal, featuring both the well-loved items of the repertoire and attractive works by lesser-known composers which often surprise and delight his audiences “…music people think they won't like, but when they hear it, they do”. He enjoys presenting programmes which display the piano in its infinite variety of moods and styles, from the subtle intricacy of a fugue by Bach to the grand, orchestral effects of Liszt. Always fascinated by the work of the romantic virtuoso pianist-composers, Tom is an honorary member of the Alkan society and was presented with the Franz Liszt medal at the Franz Liszt Conservatoire at Debrecen, Hungary.


As a teacher he is keen to foster the individual talents of each pupil and has no time for any 'one size fits all' approach. Extensive experience of learning new pieces quickly for public performance has resulted in a wealth of know-how when it comes to efficient practising techniques. Tom enjoys sharing these with his pupils and seeing how quickly the most stubborn difficulties can disappear when tackled in the right way.

Interesting double-crowned beech tree

Interesting double-crowned beech tree near Kirkthorpe

He believes all pianists should continue to expand their musical knowledge and develop an understanding of harmony and counterpoint so as to increase their insight into the music they play and build up a strong musical personality of their own, treating with healthy scepticism the umpteen do's & dont's that some teachers seek to impose.

Tom has experience of working with players of modest ability as well as advanced pianists and takes equal pride in his work with both.

Creative and recreative...

Tom has a composed a number of piano solos and transcriptions which sometimes feature as encores at his always-memorable recitals.

His hobbies are reading and fellwalking. He enjoys exploring the local countryside and photographing whatever his mobile phone camera can capture. This month's header shows part of Savin Royd Wood, which often haunts Tom's head when he's spending long hours at the piano. (Of more serious concern to the locals is that ghostly piano which haunts Tom's head while he's walking in the wood.)

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